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OutrightHR - A Kansas City HR Consultng fim

The                       Difference

Building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means making insightful decisions.

why we love what we do

"Our team believes we can help any organization succeed. We value long-lasting relationships with our clients, and we look forward to developing new partnerships where we can work together to build success for both of our organizations for years to come."

Our Founder


Brian Huston

Brian is a licensed attorney who specializes in employment law.  He first obtained a degree in Business Management from Kansas State University, specializing in Human Resource Management, then went to law school at the University of Kansas.


Brian is actively involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters, Friends of the Kaw, and SHRM.  

OutrightHR was founded by an employment attorney, because of this our first step for every client is to lower your risk of liability.  


We call this our "clean up stage"


After we minimize liabilities the real fun begins.  We can provide training programs and seminars; coach your managers; build a vision for how your company treats your people; and so much more.


The Inspiration

Medium and small organizations are stuck in an unfortunate position.  They can't justify the salary for a high-quality HR Director, it just doesn't make sense.  At the same time, if an emergency occurs, the only options are to either try to handle it themselves or pay massive legal fees.  We wanted to give organizations another option.

Reading Glasses

The Vision

We understand that HR issues are best dealt with at the earliest stages.  That is why we don’t tolerate factors, like billable hours, that could discourage our clients from contacting us.  After noticing how law firms only got involved with HR issues after it was too late, we created a service that allows us to be involved early and often.  That is why we charge a flat monthly fee no matter the amount of work we do for you.

In Meeting

Our Promise

Virtually everyone in our industry is too afraid to tell you how they would handle a situation.  At OutrightHR we understand that management is looking for clear-cut guidance; not wishy-washy, over-generalized opinions. We dive into your specific facts to determine risks, liabilities and best practices.  Then we walk you through the process, and even step in to handle sensitive issues.

The Outright Difference: Service

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