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KCMO Addresses Gender Pay Gap

Kansas City Missouri passed an ordinance aimed at curbing the gender pay gap. Currently, employers can ask applicants about previous wages. Starting this Halloween (Oct. 31, 2019) it will become illegal for employers in KCMO to ask job candidates about their salary histories.

While employers can’t ask applicants about prior wages, it is still ok to ask what salary the employee desires or is expecting. The intent of this ordinance is to reduce the gender pay gap, so there is nothing wrong with putting the ball in the candidate’s court. The real focus is on stopping the cycle of paying women less for no other reason than because their previous employer paid them less.

While this only effects employers in the Kansas City, Missouri district, I'd recommend everyone refrain from these inquiries as a best practice moving forward. In the KCMO district, you need to check your application to ensure it does not ask about pay. Also, inform your staff not to ask about prior wages during the hiring process!

Read the ordinance here.

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