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Another Salary Threshold Update?

Many of our clients have been asking – what’s going on with the proposed salary/overtime regulations?

Current Salary Threshold = $23,660 Previous Proposal = $47,476 New Proposal = $35,308

A few years ago many employers rushed to get in compliance with a proposed salary threshold increase. . . which never actually came into effect.

Well, the DOL proposed a new rule, at a lower amount than last time and this one looks like it might go into effect.

Our advice: prepare for the new overtime rule now - but wait to make changes.

Start getting ahead of this issue by determining which employees would be affected:

Do you have any employees currently paid a salary less than $35,308 per year?

If Yes: Analyze business reasons for either bumping their pay or moving them to hourly (or continuing with flat pay; but tracking hours and paying overtime when necessary).

If all of your salaried employees make over $35,308 per year, you don’t have anything to worry about. If not, contact Kansas City's Best Human Resource Support Firm, OutrightHR, and we can work through this together!

When would this go into effect?

Probably before the 2020 elections, but there’s a chance this doesn’t go through either. . . or worse, that the old proposal comes back (the injunction on it is actually still pending). Because we don’t know what’s going to happen, it’s best to just prepare and wait.

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