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Kansas City Human Resource Consulting

My name is Chelsea Bosak I am the HR Director for Duvel Moortgat USA,  which has Boulevard Brewing Company is one of its main breweries here in Kansas City and we've been working with Brian Huston for about two years now.  


I have a very small team with over 400 employees spread around the country and so having a resource to be able to call whenever random issues come up especially as state laws vary widely as they do has been really beneficial for us.  


Working under the retainer set up has been really great for us because our needs ebb and flow well quite frankly so one month we may be supports as it relates to workers comp in New York State another month may be a harassment investigation so it really varies and sometimes I have the ability to take care of those on my own but sometimes I'm too busy so being able to just reach out to Brian have his quick responsiveness and help me address whatever it is that has come up at that time it's been great.  


Not having a dedicated trainer on our team it's been great to work with Brian on providing all the different trainings that we might need whether it's for our management team specifically around giving performance discussions and performance management process or its to our entire employee base in regards to a safe and respectful workplace.


I'm having someone I can call who has those training already put together and can come in and deliver them has been really great for our business just because they don't want to hear from me all the time but it's great for me to bring in an attorney who can speak very intelligently to the topics that we really want them to understand.


So that's been super helpful for us.

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