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Kansas City HR Resources

My name is Chris Miller I serve as the VP of business development for Miller Management. We're an accounting firm working with churches and nonprofit organizations a couple of years ago we were growing our staff had climbed over 30 people and we're now over 35 today.


One of our challenges was managing HR and so I had mutual contact introduced me to Brian and so we got started talking and we brought him into work with us on helping us clean up some HR procedures manuals things like that.


Brian has a great heart for serving his clients he's not about trying to sell you a certain product or put you into a box. Brian's interest is figuring out what your company needs what your organization is doing and trying to help you manage your people better.


So once we were able to get the information of Brian, thanks to their audit and the things he put together, we were able to go through and really set out some good policies and procedures and prove our hiring process even things like having a standard application there's things we hadn't thought through before.


Brian said we'll bring that to us and then the nice thing is on an ongoing basis if we ever have questions we can just call Brian.


It's been really helpful because we've had some challenging situations come up we've had questions about staff members and issues and just compliance things come up and anytime we've had a problem we can call Brian and he's been able to help us.


It's hard to hire a full-time person internally to do those things by outsourcing it with Brian you have the opportunity to gain the full range of expertise the full range of services that having your own internal HR person is but at a fraction of the cost.


Managing people is really important if you don't take care of people or fall into legal pitfalls with people it can be very damaging to the companies. just having somebody to walk through tell you what the right way to do it help you guide you to avoid mistakes he's helped us set things up to where if there are trouble if our difficult times later we won't have the pitfalls that we would have had on.


So we really appreciate that.

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