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So working at Pro Athlete we do a lot of internal raises/promotions. I've been in the customer service side of things for you know six years of Pro Athlete and then our COO came up to me and said, "hey we want a new face in our HR department" and so he asked if I would be willing to jump into the Human Resources side of things.


I was excited for the challenge, but also understood that it had been years since I've been in college and I've out of the game and the HR is a lot of compliance, so a colleague in the area reached out to me and said, "Hey, I heard you got a new HR position you should check out my buddy, Brian, at Outright HR."


And so I got connected with Brian it's been a great resource ever since. So, for someone not being an HR and then taking the transition to HR has been a huge help to us.


So right off the bat stepping into the HR he was kind of like "man I've been out of this for so long into the operation side of things now I'm coming back into HR" so connecting with Brian really helped me a lot because I said, "hey here I am and the one thing I don't have any idea about is compliance" and its ever-changing every single day so it was super awesome to have Brian's resource.


He came in and we did an HR audit he basically asked where I'm at on this and where I'm at on that and he went back and then came back with results and showed me everything I needed to do. Weighted it out step by step what we need to do in this situation we need in that situation.


I would recommend Brian hands down even if I left pro-athlete, which I don't plan on doing any time in the near future hopefully never, but if I do leave Pro athlete I will go to the next employer and say,"Hey I have this Human Resources you know advocate that I'd like to bring on board" and if they weren't willing to pay his cost I would pay them out of my pocket and just negotiate that into my salary so he's a huge resource for us.

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